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stercus accidit
17 October 2013 @ 08:30 pm
Dear Yuletider,

Hello! I’m so glad you’re writing for one of my dear, tiny fandoms: what excellent taste you have! All optional details below are optional—please feel free to disregard. I am immeasurably happy for the mere existence of fic. Many thanks in advance!

In general, I like: domestic moments among schoolboys, bros being bros regardless of gender, happy endings, meditations on what makes a character tick, meditations on what makes a relationship work, outsider points of view, devoted monogamy, falling into patterns, characters who fail at verbal communication but who manage to convey meaning regardless, feelings which go unsaid but are understood anyway, competence, banter, pining, porn. I like romance fics, but I’m also very, very fond of gen, so please don’t feel pressured to write a pairing that is perhaps not your pairing. On the flip side, I would appreciate it if you didn’t break up any of my OTPs. I’d also appreciate avoiding: humiliation, major character death, unrequited love without a pretense at closure.

Even more tl;dr!

Twelve Kingdoms: Saku Gyousou

I asked for Gyousou, but that is really not a hard limit at all. I asked for Gyousou because I am unhealthily invested in what the fuck is happening in Tai?! but—again—that is not a hard limit at all. Feel free to draw from either the anime or the books; I’m not particular about canon.

I like 12K for its: worldbuilding! Female characters! Equal mix of court politics and martial battles! Unicorns! Character development! Tentei being drunk!

I’d love to read about: (what the fuck is happening in Tai?!) Taiki and Gyousou wintering in Tai, before everything went to shit; hapless, awkward Keiki and cheerful bulldozing Youko, with a lot of exasperation and court politics and dysfunctional relationship that slowly becomes the sort of dysfunctional between couples who have been together for a long, long time; times when Youko is dismayed by lack of Hourai conveniences in Kei and times when Youko is charmed by Kei conveniences; Taiki and Keiki learning from each other on Mt. Hou; Gyousou being protective and Taiki, when push comes to shove, not needing it at all. I ship pretty much king/kirin, but—as in 12K—romance is not necessary at all!

Honey and Clover: Hanamoto Shuuji

Shuuji is pretty much my favorite character in Honey and Clover for how self-aware and comfortable he is, but I would also be delighted to read about: Takemoto! Ayumi! Ayumi’s heartbroken beaux in the ceramics department! Ayumi’s heartbroken beaux in the shopping district! Ayumi’s not-entirely-heartbroken beau Nomiya! Hagu’s police chief of homicide department’s father! Every department that has ever weathered Morita Doing A Department Project And Never Turning It In.

In terms of pairings, I was very happy with the romantic endgame of Honey and Clover: I love the idea of Shuuji and Hagu buying a house big enough for Hagu to paint in, and them adopting cats, and basically being married and domestic; and Nomiya gradually becoming uncooler and uncooler in his wooing of Ayumi, which is not a lost cause at all despite Ayumi’s tendency for casual and/or accidental violence; Mayama’s friendship with the Spaniard; and Morita being exasperated with the only person more ridiculous than him, ie his director.

I am also curious about Hagu and Shuuji’s relationship through the years, esp 1) Shuuji going to Hagu’s Sports Day and 2) Shuuji visiting Hagu when she was living with her grandmother. And of course, future fic: how the relationships develop, how their careers develop, how they grow up and what remains the same. Basically, I loved the universe and characters of Honey and Clover very dearly, and if yuletider!anon could allow me to stay in that world a bit longer, I’d be delighted.

Oofuri: Abe Takaya

Ah, pure-hearted Japanese schoolboys playing baseball, giving it their all and crying after losses and aiming for Koushien and youth! Teamwork! Tears are just sweat of the heart!—is basically the exact sort of shounen baseball manga/anime I love.

I love Abe, in all his Kimobe, super “my pace” glory: how much of a baseball geek he is; to pretty much the exclusion of all else; how he’s kind of rude and offensive without meaning to mostly because he can’t be bothered to give a fuck about anything besides baseball, what a mother hen he is to Mihashi; his strategizing. I’d love to read more about the entire Abe family because their dynamics just seem hilarious: mama!Abe’s marked soft spot for her younger son, papa!Abe and Takaya with identical evil-mastermind grins and watching baseball tapes together, how blasé Abe’s parents are about his knee sprain since apparently Abe men are built tough!

I’d also love to read about: Abe and Haruna’s relationship, because we get Abe’s side of the events (and how deeply it marked him); but I’m curious about Haruna’s side, especially since he went to the trouble of rattling on the fence and calling for Abe to “pay attention!” to Haruna’s pitching. Their relationship seems like a beautiful combination of antagonism and lingering resentment all built on a solid foundation of having been a battery once, ie they have a lot of fun trolling each other.

Or! I would love to read about Shinooka and her earnest, won’t-confess-for-the-sake-of-the-team crush on Abe. I love Shinooka’s quiet competence. This relationship is at once hilarious to me, and also something I root for completely non-ironically. What about Abe (epitome of I-have-devoted-myself-to-the-baseball-gods) is crushable? And yet: they seem like they would be one of those wonderfully straightforward and sensible couples. Abe would be super unromantic and Shinooka would be kind of sweet and amused about it; except Abe really appreciates people who work hard and who love baseball and sometimes he probably says terribly embarrassing and romantically sappy things with a completely straight face.

I would also, also read pretty much anything about how the rest of the school regards the baseball team: the fact that Mihashi who probably stutters even worse in class, is the ace pitcher; how many other sports teams are pining for Tajima; if there are people who’d like Hanai to run for class president; what kind of a control-freak-demon Abe becomes when they play baseball in PE.

Little Women: Josephine March, Theodore Laurence

My favorite scene in the entire book, and the one that always remains with me, is:

Jo had sudden fits of sobriety, and was seen to shake her fist at Mr. Brooke's umbrella, which had been left in the hall. Meg was absent-minded, shy, and silent, started when the bell rang, and colored when John's name was mentioned. Amy said, "Everyone seemed waiting for something, and couldn't settle down, which was queer, since Father was safe at home," and Beth innocently wondered why their neighbors didn't run over as usual.

Laurie went by in the afternoon, and seeing Meg at the window, seemed suddenly possessed with a melodramatic fit, for he fell down on one knee in the snow, beat his breast, tore his hair, and clasped his hands imploringly, as if begging some boon. And when Meg told him to behave himself and go away, he wrung imaginary tears out of his handkerchief, and staggered round the corner as if in utter despair.

What I love about it is how Jo and Laurie both—for how fond they are of the written word—resort to playacting and pantomiming to convey meaning here: I imagine it’s a habit carried over from when the two of them are funning with each other; I imagine they often have impromptu and elaborate charade sessions with just each other, sometimes while walking down the street. Whether or not Jo and Laurie end up romantically, I love what good friends they are and I would read all the stories of them being bros and trolling Meg in tandem and going on all sorts of crazy imaginative adventures together.

I’d love to read about them being awkward and gangly-limbed and socially shy, and first friends as a result of that; and I’d love to read about when they become tall and strapping and laughingly-sunny, and still being each other’s favorite play-mates. I’d love to read about them growing up together, and how—in some ways—with each other, they never quite grow up, always young-hearted and laughing when it’s just the two of them.

Free!: Tachibana Makoto, Nanase Haruka

KyoAni always has gorgeous animation, but I was charmed with this anime in the first episode when young!Haruka is having his whole “become one with the water” spiel in the beginning, and we suddenly cut to older!Haruka in the bathtub, deciding, “I was a weird kid.” We don’t get a lot of Haruka-narration after that, but I loved that self-awareness about him. Also: how he wants to be ‘normal’. I’d love to read any character exploration of Haruka, how he always appears to be not quite there—but really, he’s always paying pretty close attention.

I’m pretty convinced Makoto and Haruka are effectively married and have half-joined households, but I would also be very happy to read a gen story of friendship between the two boys.

I love how long the two of them have been friends, and I’d love anything that explored what changes and what doesn’t change with the passing of time. I’d love to read about the mundane little details, the slices-of-life, of Makoto and Haruka’s relationship: if they always walk to school together, how Haruka gets along with Makoto’s family, if they are referred at school as “makotoandharuka”, who gets more chocolates on Valentine’s day, if they end up sharing chocolates, how they take care of each other, if Makoto understands Haruka’s different silences, if Haruka understands Makoto’s different smiles, if they share food at lunch, if they work part-time jobs together in the summer.

I’d love anything of backstory between the two of them, or future fic. I’d also love to read about Makoto being the killer whale type boy; and about Haruka’s surprising art skills.